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While in Milford be sure to visit the LadyBug Shop, a most unusual gift shop inspired by Delaware's official state bug.

The Tower Room

The Tower Room is located on the second floor and overlooks historic Front Street. It has a queen-sized bed and features a luxurious bathroom with a deep slipper tub and separate shower. The rate is $175 per night. For guests desiring separate bedrooms or for two couples or a family traveling together, the Tower Room can be expanded into a two bedroom suite by opening up the Governor Burton Room, located on the opposite side of the bathroom, which is then shared by the occupants of the two rooms. The rate for this two bedroom suite is $265 per night.

The Tower and Governor Burton Rooms are ideal for guests who like bright, sunny rooms with lots of window space. The bathroom is the largest one in the house--and the only one that has both a tub and a separate shower. The large stained-glass fan pattern window in the bathroom creates fascinating plays of light in the room. In one corner of the Tower Room there is a small, circular sitting area. This is the enclosed interior space of the corner tower (technically an "oriel") that is a defining feature of the building's exterior. These rooms provide excellent views onto the historic buildings of Front Street.

burton room
The Governor Burton Room